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“Paid Sick and Family Leave Credit. What Employers Need To Know” S2. Ep. 29

The paid sick leave credit is designed to allow qualified businesses – those with fewer than 500 employees and who pay "qualified sick leave...

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S2 Ep 28 “Beyond The Vote”

Join Host George Dandridge Jr. EA with special guest, Arlington Mayoral Candidate DeWayne Washington

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S2 Ep.27 “The Right Team”

There are countless lessons in our day to day. Some we never pay attention too. Every now and then, despite what you know, you...

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“IT’S DONE!! I WON!!” S2 EP. 26

Join host George Dandridge Jr. EA for a walk through the mind of Lorie Woodruff. This entrepreneurial rock star has appeared on TV One...

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“Dont Spend Your Stimulus”

In this "catch up" episode, Host George Dandridge Jr. EA hits all 4 segments

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